drikung dharma circle

Entering into Bodhisattva Conduct

Program offered by Urban Dharma NC (USA) in partnership with Drikung Dharma Chakra Center (Singapore).

Entering into Bodhisattva Conduct

Every Tuesday & Saturday
9-11 AM, New York Time
9-11 PM, Singapore Time
Participation on Zoom or Facebook Live

Starting in May, Dr. Hun Lye will begin a new series on the Indian Buddhist classic Bodhicharyavatara. In this timeless instruction, its author, Shantideva offers us the Buddha’s “universal vehicle” (mahāyāna) teachings on wisdom & compassion distilled into the singular concept of “awakened heart” (bodhicitta).

Dr. Lye will guide us through this celebrated text with his signature style that unifies a deeply heartfelt as well as intellectually honest approach to engaging and embodying Buddhist classics.

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